Badger Care

Health Insurance for Working Families

Find out if you are eligible for BadgerCare

BadgerCare is Wisconsin's new state program to provide health insurance for uninsured working families.
By insuring both children and their parents, BadgerCare makes it easier for parents to create a happy and healthy family life.

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To be eligible:

  • You must have children under age 19 living with you.
  • Your income must be within the guideline limits.
  • There is no limit on assets.
  • You must not be covered by health insurance

BadgerCare will help keep you healthy

Does it happen to you... one thing after another? Illness, bills, car troubles. You need to stay healthy to deal with it all -- and to keep you children healthy. BadgerCare can help.

BadgerCare covers your children and you for both illness and preventive services

BadgerCare will pay for immunizations for your children, medicine prescribed by a doctor, preventive check-ups, and much more.

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Some families will need to pay a premium

You may not have to pay at all, but if you do, the amount you pay depends on your family income. You can be sure it's a good investment in your family's health.
If your family income is below 150% of the federal poverty level, you will pay no premium or charge. If it's above 150%, you will pay a monthly premium that is no more than 3% of your family income.
When you apply, be sure to ask what your premium would be.

If you think you might be eligible, call today and get your eligibilty process started


Your county/tribal, social, or human services department or your local W-2 agency.
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